About SRL

SRL are the UK’s only manufacturer to sell and hire traffic light equipment.   After decades of manufacturing and selling, in 2010 SRL became the first, and to date only, manufacturer to offer traffic light equipment for hire to the Traffic Management industry.

The video below offers an overview of SRL Traffic Systems and a demonstration of the portable and temporary traffic lights available for sale and hire. 


Confident of the quality of the product range, SRL have the UK’s largest hire fleet of portable and temporary, traffic light and pedestrian signals.

With a fleet market value in excess of £12million, adding approximately £400,000 of equipment to our traffic light hire fleet each month, SRL are undoubtedly the industry’s leading supplier to the Traffic Management sector.

With a nationwide 16-depot network, a specialist fleet of over 40 delivery vehicles, in excess of 800 bespoke trailers, and a highly-skilled, knowledgeable workforce, no other hire company can offer traffic light systems to the Traffic Management industry similar support.

SRL are the only manufacturer with the product confidence to be on the front line with our customers 24/7.

As a purchaser or hirer of SRL traffic light equipment, you can be sure that SRL have provided you with the best traffic light products available together with the highest quality component traffic light parts and after-sales service to match.


SRL Pedlight Pedestrian Traffic LightSRL Radiolight 4-way traffic light trailerSRL Radiolight



Radiolight ® represented the single biggest change to the portable traffic light industry since its inception. SRL are at the forefront of innovation and technology. We are dedicated to providing purchasers and hirers of portable and temporary traffic light equipment with low cost, low maintenance profitable equipment.


Quality, reliability, efficiency and excellence are the standards to which SRL adhere. Radiolight ® is the flagship product in the SRL range – it wont let you down.


Distributed directly from our manufacturing facility in Cheshire, via our unique nationwide depot network, SRL are the premier supplier of portable and temporary traffic light equipment to the Traffic Management Industry.


Quick to assemble, simple to operate, and easy to manoeuvre, Radiolight®, Cablelight®,  Eurolight® and Pedlight® are the most recognisable of all portable traffic lights. With no generators, no noise, no diesel, no oil changes and no servicing to worry about, SRL traffic lights are the most cost effective system ever in the UK for hirers  and contractors. The UK’s most environmentally friendly traffic lights ever, SRL traffic lights contribute to your ISO 9000 requirements and help reduce millions of litres of diesel fumes polluting our atmosphere each year.


SRL Traffic Light Equipment Options


Of course, SRL Traffic Systems Ltd have complete Highways Agency type approval to all necessary UK and European specifications and standards including full CE compliance. With the capability of operating 2-way to 8-way radio linked, and up to 64 signals cable linked, and a list of options from battery terminals to LEDs to choose from, SRL can provide a one stop total solution to all your traffic management requirements.


SRL Approvals and Accreditations

SRL Traffic Systems Ltd manufacture Radiolight ®, Cablelight®, Quartzlight®, Eurolight®, Pedlight® and Urban64®.