We know that each customer requirement is different so our traffic light systems are available with a number of bolt-ons and options. Just choose the product and then add the bolt-ons that meet your needs.



SRL Traffic Light Remote Control



Remote Control

A hand-held remote control device that can be used by the operator up to 300m from the traffic lights. Supplied as a bolt-on to Radiolight®, Eurolight® or Cablelight® traffic light systems.

Supplied in two parts: (a) a receiver box at the Master traffic light (b) a hand-held transmitter


Standard features:

  • Full remote control facility
  • Independent operation of individual signals
  • All-red feature
  • Manual operation feature
  • Automatic operation feature
  • Operates up to 300m from the signal
  • Full weather-proofing


Radiolight Bolt-ons

  • Multiphase capability (2/3/4-way)
  • Remote control
  • Multiphase Double Head capability (2/3/4-way)
  • Pedlight pedestrian crossing
  • Functions 2-way, 3-way, 4-way
  • Clock / counter
  • Fixed time
  • Vehicle detection
  • Time settings up to 99sec
  • Automatic / manual operation
  • All-red functionality
  • Battery voltage indicator


Cablelight Bolt-ons

  • Remote control
  • Radiolight capability
  • Multiphase capability (2/3/4-way)
  • Pedlight pedestrian crossing
  • Multiphase Double Head capability (2/3/4-way)


Your existing 2-way system can be expanded to form 3-way or 4-way systems simply and easily by adding extra signals from within your fleet.

SRL Traffic Light Multiphase Layout

Multiphase Double Head

2, 3, 4-way capability including 2 traffic signals per direction.



Bolt on Pedpost package includes 2 x pedposts, c/w push buttons, 2 x red man, green man CLS LEDS, 2 connection lead extensions.

SRL Pedestrian Post Bolt On Option