A Bright Start To The New Year For SRL

The beginning of December brought an early Christmas present for the SRL team – the news of two sizeable installations confirmed for January 2016! We’ve never been ones for delaying our progress, so this marks a brilliant beginning to the New Year for us.


SRL Traffic Systems has received the green light from Kent County Council and Hampshire County Council for major Urban64 installations across the counties, and we’re incredibly proud to be playing our part in keeping people moving on Britain’s roads during the busy new year period.


Both councils have selected an SRL favourite for their works, the innovative Urban64 temporary traffic light system, and there’s no secret as to why. The Urban64 system is the first of its kind in the UK, offering industry-leading permanent technology for a temporary purpose. This product allows us to exactly replicate the permanent signals at a junction and offers a unique solution to the increasingly complex requirements of traffic management. We here at SRL are confident that our answer to the temporary traffic light will be a resounding success for both counties.


That yet more local authorities are entrusting SRL Traffic Systems with the safety and management of their highways is testament to our reputation of being outstanding industry professionals. Needless to say, the entire team can’t wait to get started on our new installations across the UK. The future is bright for SRL!


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Making Our Way Up North for Road Expo Scotland 2015

The SRL Traffic Systems team recently crossed the border to exhibit at Road Expo Scotland 2015 from 4-5th November. We were also proud sponsors of the event, and had a great time representing the company and showcasing our products.


Held at the Highland Centre in Edinburgh, Road Expo is the only event of its kind in Scotland for the highway maintenance and traffic management industry, and since we already have three depots in Scotland, we saw this as a fantastic opportunity to get to know our neighbours a little better and spread the word about SRL Traffic Systems.


Road Expo Scotland brings together industry professionals from across the UK, and along with showcases from exhibitors, also hosts demonstrations and a wide-ranging conference programme. This year’s event was the biggest in the expo’s history, with more exhibitors and visitors in attendance than ever before. This presented us with a great chance to tell our industry peers about SRL’s recent depot expansion, exclusive service and market leading product range.


Here at SRL Traffic Systems we like to attend as many of these types of events that we can, and our team travel far and wide to network with industry peers and share our expertise. This way, we can guarantee that we offer the best products and services, are up-to-date with relevant developments and are always employing best practice in everything we do. Our aim is to provide industry-leading service, ensuring that we remain the UK’s No.1 supplier of portable and temporary traffic light systems to the traffic management industry, and Europe’s largest hire fleet.


Take a look below for some photos taken at Road Expo Scotland 2015, and visit our news page, and Twitter and Facebook profiles to keep up to date with what we’re up to.



Onwards and Upwards for SRL

Here at SRL Traffic Systems, we’ve been enjoying a number of exciting developments and since August, have not only expanded our team and appeared at some fantastic, high-profile venues, but also considerably grown our depot network.


Just one week in August saw us hire a new regional manager, engage in a number of great meetings with key figures in the traffic management industry, and even found a depot across the sea in Belfast. The addition of our Dublin depot quickly followed in September, firmly establishing our expansion into Ireland and increasing our reach across the UK. Along with the founding of our Aberdeen depot, the last three months have seen SRL Traffic Systems drive forward fantastic advancements, making sure that our network remains the biggest, and the best.


Our exciting developments in Ireland mean that by October, SRL Traffic Systems will boast an industry-leading network of 21 depots. Our progress ensures that we can continue to offer a unique 24/7 frontline service to our customers, and provide the best traffic management products on the market anywhere in the UK.


Our busy schedule hasn’t stopped us from having some fun though, and, in usual form, the team have been showcasing our brilliant products at the West Midlands HAUC, as well as providing support to Conemaster and Moto GP at Silverstone – the home of the British Grand Prix.


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Please see below for our new depot map, and some shots from the West Midlands HAUC.


SRL Depot Map 20SRL West Mid Hauc12039209_807224449399678_3278615405823185804_n

101 Years of the Traffic Light

August saw the 101st anniversary of the traffic light. Traffic lights have come a long way since they were first introduced, starting out as gas lamps to now being electronically automated. Technology for traffic lights is now going through a period of change.

A revolutionary new system has been implemented in the North East ambulance service, allowing the paramedics to be able to talk to the Urban Traffic Management Control (UTMC) and change the traffic lights from red to green. Meaning that paramedics do not have to stop at every traffic light due to traffic, and can cut down the time it takes the paramedics to arrive at an emergency, or how long it takes to get the patient to hospital. The aim of the system’s trial is to cut down the carbon foot print in the area but most importantly to improve patient care. Smart traffic light systems like this are the future.

So, in honour of the Traffic Light’s birthday, here are 10 facts that you might not know about the humble traffic light.

– The first electric traffic light was installed in Cleveland, Ohio, on 5th August 1914.

  • The first electric traffic light in Britain was installed in 1925, and were operated by a police officers until the first automated traffic lights became available in 1927.
  • The fist non-electric traffic lights were manual and were gas operated, and hung outside of the Houses of Parliament in 1868…

-… these didn’t last long, as four weeks after being installed they exploded injuring a police officer.

  • Traffic lights colours are Green and Red because those colours were already being used on the train lines.
  • Originally there was no Amber traffic light

– Monty Python released a song about traffic lights called ‘I Like Traffic Lights’.

– The red traffic light has a longer wave length so can be seen from further away compared to the green traffic light’s shorter wave length. The sooner you see the light the sooner you hit the brakes!

– Future traffic lights will sync to your phone and may even talk to your car’s navigation system and display how fast the driver needs to travel at to avoid red traffic light signals!

  • Traffic lights were invented before cars and electricity!

SRL appear at London HAUC and Three HAUCs Harrogate Shows

The last six weeks have been busy for SRL Traffic Systems, with the team travelling the UK to showcase the great traffic management products that we provide to the traffic management industry. On 12th May, we attended London HAUC, and soon after appeared at the Three HAUCs show in Harrogate on 11th June.

HAUCs are events run by The Highway Authorities and Utilities Committee (HAUC), an organisation who assist and advise the Government on issues relating to street works legislation, such as the implementation of the Traffic Management Act 2004. These events allow us to promote SRL Traffic Systems and the products we offer whilst providing great insight into developments within the industry.

A brand new event for 2015, we were thrilled to be part of London HAUC, which was held at Allianz Park – the home of Saracens Rugby Club. A month later we also appeared at the Three HAUCs, consisting of the North West, North and Yorkshire HAUC. This gave us the opportunity to promote our products to the traffic management industry on a large scale, with over 400 delegates in attendance and 50 internal and external exhibition stands – including our our SRL Traffic Systems booth!

To keep up to date with what we’re up to, and to check out any future events we are part of, please take a look at our Facebook page or come back to visit our news page.

Images of the HAUCs are below.


London Hauc Three Haucs