The UK’s first and most recognised portable pedestrian traffic system, developed and manufactured by SRL in 2005.


Guaranteed 500m operating distance between signal heads. Easy to use, simple to operate. Quick to set-up and take-down. Fixed Time or Vehicle Actuated. Supplied as either a complete Pedlight system or as part of a Radiolight® traffic light system.

SRL Pedlight Pedestrian Traffic Light

For further details of the SRL Pedestrian System Layouts available please click here (PDF Version)


Standard Features (as a complete system)

  • Conforms to Highways Agency specifications TR2502 (equivalent), TR2503TR2537 and TR2538
  • Full CE Accreditation
  • Approved to R&TTE EN300 220
  • 6 signal operation
  • Easy-use controller
  • 32 channel radio frequencies
  • Guaranteed 500m between signals
  • Peek Elite signal heads
  • Red-man / green-man signals (@ 2.10m high)
  • Double signal heads per direction
  • Modular signal head design
  • Halogen lamp signals
  • Radar detectors with 150sec Nudge
  • Lockable weatherproof controllers (IP55 rated)
  • Galvanised signal head posts
  • Galvanised battery boxes
  • Detachable handle
  • Detachable signal head / post
  • Easy-use hinged battery box lid with handle
  • Non-puncture pneumatic roller bearing wheels
  • Easy-use locking system
  • Wind-proof lid security system
  • Laminated easy-guide full colour operator labels
  • Laminated hazard warning labels
  • Red light safety system
  • Red light monitoring
  • Pedestrian push-button (@1m high)
  • Easy-use lead-locking mechanism
SRL Pedlight Pedestrian Traffic Light

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