Product Range

The UK’s leading manufacturer with the widest product range of portable and temporary, pedestrian and traffic light systems.



SRL Traffic Systems Ltd manufacture Radiolight ®, Cablelight®, Quartzlight®, Eurolight®, Pedlight® and Urban64®.


SRL have gained over 40 years experience in battery powered, radio and cable linked portable traffic lights throughout the world.   As a purchaser or user of SRL traffic lights, you can be sure that SRL will provide you with the best products available together with the highest quality component parts and after-sales service to match. We offer a wide range of products, options, vehicle management systems and accessories to meet all the requirements of traffic management.



SRL portable and temporary traffic lights



Radiolight® is our flagship traffic light product and represents the single biggest change to the portable traffic light industry since its inception. SRL are at the fore front of innovation and technology. We are dedicated to providing purchasers and users of portable traffic lights with low cost, low maintenance profitable equipment.

SRL Radiolight portable and temporary traffic lights




Quick to assemble, simple to operate, and easy to manoeuvre, Radiolight®, Cablelight® and Eurolight® are the most recognisable of all portable traffic lights.  With no generators, no noise, no diesel, no oil changes and no servicing to worry about, SRL traffic lights are the most cost-effective system in the UK for hirers and contractors.




The UK s most environmentally friendly traffic lights ever, SRL traffic lights contribute to your ISO 9000 requirements and help reduce millions of litres of diesel fumes polluting our atmosphere each year.