Radiolight Compact is SRL‘s lightest product, with 4-way traffic lights weighing just 650kg including the trailer!

Key Benefits

  • Conforms to Highways Agency specifications TR2502 (equivalent), TR2503TR2537 and TR2538
  • Full CE Accreditation
  • Approved to R&TTE EN300 220
  • Compact, purpose-designed, galvanised metal trailer
  • No trailer licence
  • Up to 7 days running
  • 4-way system
  • Guaranteed 500 metres operating distance between traffic light signal heads
  • Detachable signal heads
  • Easily manoeuvrable
  • Complete with signal head security bars
  • 2-way, 3-way or 4-way capability, or 2-way x 2 sets
  • Single 12v battery
  • Water-resistant charger on-board or at depot
SRL Compact Portable Traffic Light Set