Radio linked, battery powered, portable traffic lights. Guaranteed 500m operating distance between signal heads. Easy to use, simple to operate. Quick to set-up and take-down. Extended warranty.


The most popular system in the SRL product range.

Standard System Features:

  • Detachable signal head / post
  • Guaranteed 500m operating distance between signals
  • Pedlight compatability
  • Multiphase doublehead compatability
  • 4 year controller warranty
  • Battery protection Diode boxes
  • Unique T-bar locking system
SRL 2 way Portable Traffic Light Trailer
Other Features:

  • Master & Slave controllers
  • 2-way operation
  • Conforms to Highways Agency specifications TR 0111 and TR 2502 (equivalent)
  • Conforms to Highways Agency specifications TR2503TR2537 and TR2538
  • Full CE Accreditation
  • Approved to R&TTE EN300 220
  • Easy-use controller
  • Lockable weatherproof controllers (IP55 rated)
  • Red light safety system
  • 32 channel radio frequencies
  • Peek Elite signal heads
  • Modular traffic light signal head design
  • Halogen lamp signals
  • Radar detectors with 150sec nudge
  • Galvanised signal head posts
  • Galvanised battery boxes
  • Detachable handle
  • Easy-use hinged battery box lid with handle
  • Easy-use locking system
  • Wind-proof lid security system
  • Laminated easy-guide full colour operator labels
  • Laminated hazard warning labels
  • Non-puncture pneumatic roller bearing wheels
  • Snap-on battery terminal clamps
SRL Radiolight

SRL 4 way Portable Traffic Light Trailer with lights

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