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The Urban64 is the most advanced temporary traffic system in the UK, more akin to permanent controller technology.


SRL Traffic Systems Ltd can provide a temporary solution to permanent signal upgrades or other forms of road works, while maintaining the traffic flow in the most congested of urban areas.


SRL can offer installation, weekly hire, maintenance, 24/7 callout, decommissioning, and site visits – an overall solution, allowing contractors to carry out their works without disruption.



FeaturesUrban64 controller

  • Up to 64 signals or 32 phases
  • Freely programmable to replicate any TR2500 specification
  • Remotely Controllable and monitored via modem
  • Timetable programs – GPS time server
  • Indicative filter arrow phases
  • Multiple pedestrian phases
  • Up to 4 parallel stage streams
  • Cableless Linking Facility
  • UTMC connectivity via OTU





  • TrafiCam – Intelligent vehicle detector, used to segregate filter lanes
  • Pedestrian Countdown Timer – programmable to match the Blackout period or other specification.
  • Cyclist head-start – low level cyclist signal
  • CCTV – pan tilt 354°, 640X480 pixels, mobile & laptop transmission
  • Modem for VNC Viewer Remote Access control
  • Indicative filter arrows with bespoke positioning
  • Mains 240v or battery 12v power



Birmingham Installation

SRL can offer contractors a one-stop solution by providing a Temporary system and installation which allows the contractor to concentrate on their tasks.


Currently SRL provide nationwide coverage and support through our 21 depots and 90 operatives.


2 additional Hub depots are to be created specifically for Urban64 installations, with emergency support from the 21 local depots when required.


24/7 installation, decommissioning, and callout.


The installation method depends entirely on the means of transferring the data cable (1cm diameter) across the road. An additional 1cm 48v ELV cable is required for Mains power if preferred to battery power. Either over-head, ducting, or slot-cut options are available.