System Options

Radiolight®, Cablelight® and Eurolight® Options

  • Red traffic light monitoring
  • LED signal heads
  • Galvanised signal head posts
  • Galvanised battery boxes
  • Split-down signal cables
  • Non-spark battery protection
  • Detector nudge on / off switch
  • Split / hinged posts

SRL Traffic Light Security Options

Pedlight® Options

  • LED signal heads
  • Galvanised signal head posts
  • Detector nudge on / off switch
  • Galvanised battery boxes
  • Split-down signal cables
  • Non-spark battery protection
  • Split / hinged posts

Signal Heads

SRL are unique users of the renowned Peek Elite signal head in the Portable Traffic Light market. It is modular in design to allow for the tough environment of traffic management and help operators to keep costs low should damage occur.


Used on Radiolight®, Cablelight®, Eurolight® and Pedlight® systems, in Halogen Lamp and LED formats, its low energy use helps increase the battery life of SRL traffic light systems between charges. Unique anti-phantom lenses, either coloured (Halogen) or clear (LED), allow all the SRL systems to be used on UK highways without signal head hoods/covers.

Standard Halogen Lamp version provides approximately 2 days (48hrs) use per battery. Optional LED version provides approximately 5 days (120hrs) use per battery. Both versions exceed the specification requirements of EN12368


  • Choice of signal heads
  • Anti-phantom lenses
  • No hoods/visors needed
  • 50 watt tungsten halogen lamps or
  • LED technology



SRL can supply a comprehensive range of Radar Detectors, specifically designed for the SRL product range.

SRL produce a detector to provide the operator with the extra features that may prove useful in many traffic management situations.



Standard SRL Detector features include:

  • 12 volt operating voltage
  • Detection range of 5m to 40m
  • Detection speed of 3.6Kph +
  • Nudge facility set at 150sec
  • Indicator light on rear of detector
  • Indicator light on front of detector
  • Nudge “on / off” switch for specialist applications
  • Uni-directional (approach only)


Optional features for SRL Detector:

  • Bi-directional (approach and departure)
  • Detection speed of 8Kph +
  • Low sensitivity
  • Timer



Choose between the standard yellow painted finish or the galvanised option on battery boxes, signal head posts and detachable handles.



Split/Hinged Posts

Available as an option, the split / hinged signal head post reduces the size of each traffic light signal significantly, for easier transportation and storage.

 SRL Split Hinge Traffic LightSRL Split Hinge PostSRL Split Hinge Post Traffic Light