Investment in Technology


Performance through technology : commitment through innovation

Performance, safety and reliability are fundamental requirements for purchasers and users of portable and temporary traffic lights.



 SRL Technology 1



SRL have continually invested year-on-year in the increased use of modern technology to ensure Radiolight®, Cablelight®, Eurolight® and Pedlight® systems continue to be of the highest quality and set the standards within the industry.

 SRL Technology 2



Quality of construction is meaningless without quality of design. The innovative platform design of all SRL systems is based on simplicity, robustness, and safety.  Parts produced in-house and at our suppliers are rigorously tested, technically and physically, to ensure conformity to the exceptional standards SRL set.



 SRL Technology 3



SRL are dedicated to providing high performance systems.

Our new, modern, purpose built manufacturing facility has benefited from state of the art technical equipment that helps maintain SRL’s commitment to manufacturing the most reliable systems.


The days of knobs, dials and switches are long gone.



 SRL Technology 4



By embracing and investing in the technology of today and tomorrow SRL can produce the traffic light systems you demand, manufactured to exacting performance standards, day-in, day-out.