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Amberon increases fleet with 40 more SRL traffic signals

Amberon increases fleet with 40 more SRL traffic signals


SRL has worked closely with Amberon, one of the UK’s leading traffic management providers, for over 15 years. With 32 depots, over 1,000 staff and 1,000 vehicles, Amberon pride themselves on providing the best service, employing the best workforce and using the best equipment to maintain the high standards for their customers. And this includes investing in the right relationships with the right partners, such as SRL Traffic Systems.

In this latest order, Amberon continue to strengthen its growing fleet with a further 40 portable traffic signals via SRL’s Swansea depot.

Amberon & SRL – building relationships and growing business together

Daniel East, Commercial Director at Amberon explains, “Our business has grown and developed alongside SRL Traffic Systems over the past 15 years. We might even be their longest serving customer, or certainly one of them! Our business model has developed by purchasing SRL traffic signals that we can then hire on our projects. We’ve probably got one of SRL’s biggest signal fleets, with well in excess of 1000 signals out on the UK roads at any one time.”

This long-standing professional relationship and successful partnership is based on shared business values, such as the flexibility offered by SRL’s distribution network, which closely mirrors Amberon’s own, and the guaranteed 24/7 customer service.

Proven reliability

Daniel continues, “We choose SRL because their traffic signals are the best on the market. They’re rugged and hard wearing and they need to be as they are being man-handled all the time, being shifted from project to project. SRL’s equipment stands up to this treatment with proven reliability. I’ve got SRL equipment that’s at least 10 years old and still going strong. I also like the continuity of the design too, the new ones don’t look that much different, which shows they got it right in the first place. The electronics and technology may change but you know they’re SRL signals and that we can rely on them.”

Responsive service

As well as unrivalled products, Amberon appreciate SRL’s responsive service. Daniel said, “Many of our customers rely on us for our national service so it’s been important to us that SRL can support us nationally. They have good UK wide coverage and their distribution network mirrors our own. And crucially, as they manufacture in the UK, we’re not having to wait for parts to come in from other areas of the world. When we need 40 signals delivered, I know I can rely on SRL to respond efficiently. They understand our marketplace, our customer needs and provide us with a high degree of service and flexibility.”

“I suppose it also helps that as our businesses have grown up together over the years, many of our senior managers originally worked together, so we’ve cemented a strong, trusted relationship.”

A complete technology partner

Increasingly traffic management is about public information and education as well as health and safety. As such traffic managers are increasingly looking to companies like SRL to support them as a complete technology partner. Daniel confirms, “We’re increasingly looking for VMS and those joined up integrated ITS solutions so it’s good to see SRL expanding in this space. We appreciate their knowledge and expertise, and we tap into this support when we need to, hiring overflow units and their specialist systems as required.”

“Amberon are happy and proud to work with SRL Traffic Systems, it’s a winning partnership.”

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