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Developing smart solutions for high speed situations

Developing smart solutions for high speed situations


Making a multi-million-pound investment into a fleet of SWARCO-manufactured full colour mobile units last year was an exciting development for SRL and we’re delighted to now be at the forefront of the high speed variable message sign (VMS) market. 

These new mobile units are designed for use on high speed dual carriageways and motorways, but what makes them truly unique is that they are the only portable high speed VMS created specifically for the UK road network. Crucially, this means that they meet all relevant UK regulations, including TOPAS 2516C.  

With clarity, energy-efficiency and luminance beyond current regulations, they have stimulated a great deal of interest among traffic management companies throughout the UK and we are talking to many customers about how we can expand our VMS product offering to help improve communication and safety even more on the UK’s high speed road network.

So, what has led to the success of our Smart High Speed Messenger?

It’s unique and reliable

Ideal for road where speeds exceed 60 mph (although it can be used on slower roads), it is the only VMS that incorporates the trusted SWARCO technology, which is used in MS4 gantry-mounted VMS. This technology is widely used and trusted by many traffic management companies - the only difference is that it can be trailer-mounted because it’s smaller.

It's made in the UK for the UK

The Smart High Speed Messenger is the only VMS product designed specifically for the UK market, so it complies with all UK road regulations. Customers can therefore be confident that this product is fit for purpose and they won’t need to alter the text size and layout to be compliant. 

It's a future-proofed solution

With a full colour, full matrix display, it can reproduce any symbol in any colour, including fully compliant Chapter 8 pictograms. This provides better communication with road users, but it also means that the VMS will be able to comply with future changes to regulations.

It offers flexible software options

Customers can choose from our Zephyr sign management software (SWARCO hosted and ISO 127001 certified for data security) or use their own UTMC system. 

It has a host of unique product features

The Smart High Speed Messenger, is packed with features, which include:

  • Active display dimensions of 2.4m (80 pixels) x 1.44m (48 pixels)
  • RGB LED lights
  • Compliant with UTMC protocol allowing direct control by Highways England and local authorities
  • In-built speed detection technology with optional driver feedback functionality
  • Multiple route journey time solution functionality 
  • Electric powered height adjustment with 360° sign rotation
  • Telescopic jacks for easy levelling
  • CE Certified to EN 12966 and approved to TOPAS 2516C

It’s supported by extensive UK coverage

Traffic management companies rely on being able to get VMS to site without delay and our network of 30 depots throughout the UK and Ireland helps them do just that. As well delivering kit, we can quickly be of assistance if customers need repairs, maintenance or battery exchanges.

Our Smart High Speed Messenger is available for hire or sale and is backed by full technical support 24/7, 365 days a year.

To find out more about the VMS, please Get In Touch.

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