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Direct Traffic - one of SRL’s top five longest serving customers

Direct Traffic - one of SRL’s top five longest serving customers


Direct Traffic is a leading traffic management company based out of South Yorkshire. Since 1992 they have been delivering schemes across the UK, including high speed operations, street works in towns and cities, support work and event management.

As a major contributor to the support of the UK road network, Direct Traffic’s comprehensive service offering includes road closures, contra flows, diversions, traffic lights and stop and go systems. Their specialist team work on large regional frameworks to smaller sole trader jobs which are vital to our highway systems.

Simon Chadwick, MD of Direct Traffic said, “Our aim is to build and maintain a high quality service from the initial consultation and design through to the implementation of diverse traffic systems across the UK. We have a highly trained team and it’s important that we are using the latest technologies and safe work systems.”

Rest assured, their clients are in safe hands.

10-year relationship

Direct Traffic is one of SRL’s longest serving customers, with a relationship that spans over 10 years. Malcolm Johnstone, MD of SRL’s Hire Division said, “Direct Traffic are definitely one of our top five longest serving customers. They have been with us since the inception of our hire division and we have built up a long-standing relationship. They are very loyal, from the operators right up to directors. It fantastic to work in partnership with Direct Traffic.”

Direct Traffic’s loyalty started with the need for a reliable traffic light system to support their business model. Simon Chadwick, MD of Direct Traffic explains, “Over 10 years ago we used other suppliers for our traffic light systems, but they kept losing their signal, failing, or simply breaking down. We spoke to Malcolm at SRL, and he sent us some of their portable traffic lights to trial. They could guarantee signal for 500 metres connectivity when everyone else’s could only offer 300 metres which was a great advantage when planning in jobs even though 300 metres is all we needed it gave us the confidence the lights would not fail. But, critically for us the lights didn’t break down, in fact, they lasted a long time. Within two years SRL were supplying us with everything and we stopped working with other suppliers.”

Support saves time and money

Impressed by the quality and reliability of their portable traffic light systems, Direct Traffic quickly looked to SRL for their complete ITS portfolio, including VMS signs and CCTV.

Simon continues, “SRL’s hire and support model really works for our business and we’ve grown alongside them. They have a great support network with complete UK coverage, so if anything does go wrong they will send someone to look at it or swap it out. We can’t get that sort of service from anyone else and it gives us complete peace of mind. We could put traffic lights out in Birmingham, which is two and a half hours away for us, but we know if anything goes wrong SRL can have one of their fitters there quickly 24/7. That support helps us out massively, saving us time and money and it means we can reach places we wouldn’t normally be able to work.”

Innovation matters

Direct Traffic also benefits from SRL’s continued innovation. Recently their traffic lights have been updated. Simon continues, “For a start, all our new traffic lights have been coloured black and yellow in Direct Traffic’s brand colours, so people know they’re ours. They’ve also been updated with new systems too that have remote logging and tracking facilities. The remote logging system means we can monitor what is going on with our fleet remotely so we can check if they have battery power and are working efficiently. Previously we would send staff out regularly to check if the battery was ok and if the lights were operating properly. Now we can save on manpower as we can log on and see how much power is left and we only need to get SRL out if there is a problem. Being able to track where the lights are also helps prevent theft, which is a big problem in our industry.”

When it comes to complex pedestrian crossing systems, when there is a need to turn permanent traffic lights off and put temporary lights in, Direct Traffic will always turn to SRL. Simon said, “SRL’s systems are tried and trusted and after 10 years we’ve never had an issue, their systems speak for themselves. When we need to try and keep things as normal as possible for the public without compromising on safety, SRL’s pedestrian systems allow us to achieve that.”

“SRL has a big impact on our business providing crucial traffic light systems for our road works, VMS for communication and messaging, and CCTV for security on road closures and on sites, to make sure lights don’t get stolen.”

“We are constantly looking for ways we can do things better, just like SRL, and we have put forward SRL’s innovative Urban64® system in tenders. Urban64® is the system that taps into the permanent traffic system and runs on UTC. We haven’t won one yet, but we will, it’s a great innovation.”

Direct Traffic work hard to provide a quality service to their loyal customers. We look forward to many more years continued partnership.

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