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Making light work of traffic management

Making light work of traffic management


The UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of portable and temporary traffic lights, we have a product for every traffic management situation. What’s more ours are the only temporary traffic light in the UK and Republic of Ireland that offer full backward compatibility, meaning the oldest signal will work with the latest and if required, work with our hire fleet, furthermore customers only need to replace individual components and not entire units.

Here’s a quick overview of our portable traffic lights:

Radiolight Portable®

Our flagship product, it’s designed for a broad range of traffic flow situations.

  • Radio link, battery powered, guaranteed 500m operating distance
  • Multiphase, double head & pedestrian capabilities
  • 3 x 12v batteries per signal providing up to 14 days running time

NEW Eurolight Portable®

The SRL New Eurolight Portable® advanced traffic light is ideal up to 8 traffic and pedestrian phases.

  • Cableless – up to 20 signals
  • Pre-programmable start-up & shut-down mode
  • Soft start from the master
  • Additional geofencing and remote monitoring facility available

Radiolight® Compact

Small but intelligently formed, this light is great for shorter temporary works.

  • Radio link, guaranteed 500m operating distance
  • 750kg total weight including trailer
  • No need for BE towing license

SRL Pedlight®

A portable pedestrian standard height traffic and pedestrian system.

  • Stand-alone
  • Portable or temporary
  • Double head capability

Temporary Traffic Signals & Pedestrian Systems

Designed to appear more permanent than their portable equivalent, our temporary traffic and pedestrian lights can be used for short term traffic management where more impact is needed or as a longer-term solution.

  • Can be used at junctions or as stand-alone
  • Replicate the appearance of permanent signals for a more commanding presence
  • Can be used on the same post
  • The same height as permanents

Available to hire or to buy, our portable and temporary traffic lights meet all industry specifications. And for those who like to stand out from the crowd, contract hire offers traffic light bases in customer colours – great for improving brand awareness.

SRL really does have a traffic light for every occasion and with 30 depots throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland we can get them to you whenever and wherever you need them.

Find out more - call: 01606 738866.

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