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Shining the spotlight on Tracy Sezol

Shining the spotlight on Tracy Sezol


You could say that Tracy Sezol has had a varied career – she’s worked in the care sector, the building and maintenance industry, a call centre and for the Ambulance Service – but none of her previous roles have given her as much job satisfaction as the one she has as key account manager with SRL.

In three short years, Tracy has gone from a depot admin to a regional admin and then onto become national co-ordinator before being promoted to key account manager – a new role that was created to make the most of her exceptional organisational and customer service skills.

Building rapport with customers

Based at our Leeds D5 depot, Tracy now looks after 10 key national accounts. Her role is to serve her customers to ensure they have all the traffic management products they need and to look after any issues if they arise.

“It’s a busy role looking after so many large customers with very demanding requirements, but I love the customer service element of my job and building relationships with people,” says Tracy. “I have a great rapport with my customers and they know that they can come to me with any requests or issues and I will look after them.”

Tracy’s day to day responsibilities include arranging transport for hires, logistics and planning, compliance and managing callouts. “If I receive a call from a customer to tell me that they’ve had an emergency breakdown, it’s my job to get an operative to them within two hours to resolve the issue and carry out any repairs,” she adds.

Dedicated to customers, 24/7

“I am a dedicated point of contact for my customers and, like SRL’s supervisors, I’m on call 24/7 to help them. If, for any reason, I can’t pick up a call from a customer then it’s automatically diverted to the rest of the team. This gives the customer complete peace of mind that any emergency they might have will be taken care of. My partner jokes that I rarely get a lie-in at the weekend, but I genuinely enjoy helping my customers and solving any problems.

“For instance, I had an early morning call recently from the police about a set of lights that had failed. As the lights were on hire, I contacted the hire customer and they went out to investigate. They called me when they arrived, and, with the assistance of the depot supervisors, we diagnosed the problem, and the customer fixed the lights. Problems, such as interference with radio waves, are often very simple to solve and all we need to do is re-boot the system,” says Tracy.

Tracy also recently managed the opening of our new hire desk, which is based at our Leeds depot. She runs the hire desk with Beverley Saville, our national hire desk co-ordinator.

“It was a challenge opening the new hire centre because I hadn’t managed anything as complex as this before, but it all went very smoothly and the desk is now fully operational,” she says.

Women in industry

In what many may think is a male-dominated industry, SRL has always been supportive of women and Tracy feels there are no barriers to progression. “It’s inspiring to see women, such as our commercial director Alison Spooner, progressing within the company – there is definitely opportunity for advancement for females here. There is no glass ceiling at SRL,” she adds.

So, what’s the best thing about working at SRL for Tracy? “For me, the people at SRL make SRL what it is. Everyone is passionate about the business and totally dedicated to our customers. It’s a very supportive environment and everyone is there to help their colleagues and to make sure that we keep our promises to customers.”

Tracy credits SRL’s ongoing commitment to innovation in helping us get to where we are today. “SRL never stands still, it is constantly looking at new technologies and planning developments that break new ground. Whether its VMS, CCTV, remote technology or interchangeable lights, SRL is an industry pioneer that’s constantly developing unique market-leading products.”

Tracy has made a terrific contribution to SRL over the last three years and her success in her new role as key account manager is richly deserved.

Due to rapid expansion and growth, we have opportunities for more exceptional individuals to join the team. If you’d like to get in touch, please email recruitment@srl.co.uk.

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