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The journey to success with Premier Traffic Management Ltd

The journey to success with Premier Traffic Management Ltd


Premier Traffic Management Limited (‘Premier’) is a specialist traffic management sub-contractor providing high quality temporary traffic management services to local authorities and construction, civil engineering, and utilities companies. 

On the journey together

Established in 2000, Premier was one of our first customers and we’ve worked together for…well longer than anyone can remember. We supply Premier with a broad range of products including temporary traffic lights, VMS, CCTV and everything they need to meet the requirements of the diverse temporary traffic light situations they manage on the UK’s roads.  

David Moist, a director at Premier, describes the key to its partnership with SRL:

“SRL Traffic Systems are our go to ITS supplier across all products in all locations. The reason our relationship has endured for so long and has been so successful comes down to SRL’s understanding of our business and willingness to do things differently.”

Solving the plant hire problem

Historically, traffic management companies like Premier would either buy traffic lights (a significant capital expense) or hire them from plant hire companies. The plant hire option worked well for as long as the lights did, but if they failed the plant hire operators often couldn’t or wouldn’t help. Consequently, traffic lights had to be replaced in their entirety causing significant frustration and expense for traffic managers.

In 2010 we at SRL solved this problem by providing traffic lights for hire as well as purchase and supported that offering with a fast, reliable repair and maintenance service enabled by the largest distribution network in the country.

Premier was one of SRL’s first hire customers. David recalls:

“It was a no-brainer from our point of view. Not only did it free up capital, but we also no longer have the expense of repairing and maintaining the equipment ourselves. More importantly it means we can be flexible and responsive to our customers’ needs, which is vital to our growth plans.”

Change the batteries

Another reason SRL is Premier’s temporary traffic light provider of choice is that when the batteries run low in the lights on site, the team at Premier only need to exchange the batteries and not the whole unit, as is the case with many competitor products. David explains why that matters:

“Given the high number of traffic lights we use, it’s quite common for the batteries to run low in half a dozen of them at around the same time. If we only need to replace the battery, one van can get round all those units in a fraction of the time, money and resource it would take to replace the units in their entirety.”

Knowledge and understanding

Perhaps more than anything else though, the success of this long-standing relationship is based on the knowledge and experience of the SRL team. For example, the Managing Director of our Hire Division, Malcolm Johnstone, joined SRL in 2010 from another traffic management company. His extensive experience of the problems and challenges Premier faces on a daily and strategic basis has helped build a strong rapport with its team which has endured for more than a decade.

The SRL team combines the expertise of more than 170 employees and has long been considered an industry pioneer, developing and achieving Type Approval for the UK and Republic of Ireland’s first radio-linked temporary traffic and pedestrian systems. 

But we never rest on our laurels, always developing new products in response to our customers’ needs. In Premier’s case, we recently developed an intelligent multiphase product that they’d identified a need for and are currently working with them to support an increase in demand for pedestrian systems.

It’s all about the base

Brand recognition is as important in our industry as any other, so we are now providing Premier’s temporary traffic lights with eye-catching yellow bases that reflect the company’s brand colours and match their vans. SRL is proud to be able to offer this service and is representative of the open-minded, forward-thinking approach we take to business.

As for the future? Working with like-minded, customer-oriented companies like Premier Traffic Management Limited - and seeing the difference we can make to their business - is what drives us to be the best we can be and we look forward to the next stage of the journey by their side.  

If you’d like to work with SRL, why not get in touch?

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