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Winning The Battle With The Disruptive British Weather

Winning The Battle With The Disruptive British Weather


It’s well known that we Brits love a conversation about the weather – although usually about how much it disrupts our schedules! In the UK, we’re used to getting our share of unfavourable weather, but it’s important that we keep moving even when the elements are being unkind.

At SRL, we’re committed to keeping the British public on the roads, and work hard to make sure that disruption to drivers is kept to an absolute minimum. As leaders in supplying the traffic management industry, we make it our mission to deliver excellent service in all circumstances. Our exclusive selection of temporary and portable traffic lights are not just suitable for all your traffic management requirements, but also perform under the pressure of demanding environmental challenges.
The UK has been battered by storms in 2016, but this hasn’t stopped SRL from delivering unbeatable service to our clients and road users. Our traffic light products are designed to be technologically advance and durable, and have proved themselves to pass the tests of the British weather. For example, recent storm Imogen was no match for SRL’s Urban 64 temporary traffic light, which stood strong and kept traffic flow moving even when road conditions were at their most demanding.
And this isn’t an exception. Here at SRL, we’re always properly prepared to win the battle with the British weather. We offer comprehensive local support for your traffic light system, including 24/7 call out – so if something goes wrong with your permanent traffic lights in bad weather, or emergency roadworks are needed, we can be there to get your show back on the road. We also have an excellent stock of spare traffic light parts available next day, so if your lights are knocked out in strong winds, or a flood causes irreparable electrical damage, we can get operations back up and running in record time.
We are always trying to minimise disruption to road users, and constantly ensure that our products are fit to withstand any challenges posed by unpredictable events. SRL perform regular traffic light fleet inspections and undertake maintenance to guarantee that we won’t let you down, and we can also carry out repairs and servicing at any of your depots. With SRL, you can overcome even the worst of the great British weather!

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