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Multiphase Adaptive
Detection System (ADS)

SRL’s Adaptive Detection System is so intelligent and adaptive it can manage daily traffic flows by making automatic adjustments of green times easily, it does this by using deep learning algorithms to interpret the data received from our new high accuracy radar detector (traffic/volume/speed).

It is important whether it is planned and unplanned works not only getting equipment on-site & set up quickly but safely and efficiently too.

The need for reliable equipment that is easy to set up is vital in this industry. The SRL range of portable traffic lights and pedestrian units meets all these needs with ease.

Adaptive Detection System With
Advanced Radar Detection

The Adaptive Detection System is incredibly easy to set up for rapid deployment. Once the system is set up it begins to optimise max set timings, adding time to each approach when it has reached its saturation point. The system also allows for HGV start lag (HGVs slow off the mark) allowing extra time to get moving and clear the site. Once the system has seen morning peak and evening peak the system is fully optimised, however still has the ability to make dynamic changes when required.

The Adaptive Detection System is also compatible with a wide range of products, including all portable, UTMC, temporary and haul route crossing systems.

Key Features

  • Rapid installation (only basic timings required)
  • No site visits to make timing alterations
  • 50% more efficient than standard signals
  • False start rectification (no stuck reds from vehicles failing to move first time)
  • Adapts to present traffic conditions
  • Can be used up to 4-way control

Key Features and Benefits

Reduce Delays

Reduce Delays

During a site test - within 20-30 minutes of swapping correctly timed SRL traffic lights (with a back up of traffic up to 100-130+meters) with our Adaptive Detection System both sides of the delays were gone.

The first and only ever multiphase system

The first and only ever multiphase system

Our ADS System is reactive, intelligent traffic light technology that is fully portable and gives flexibility and ease of use.

Special System

Special System

Our Adaptive Detection System has the ability to run as a Special System which allows compatibility with PEDs. Increasing utilisation our ADS system can be used with everything.

What Our Customers Say About ADS

“We’ve seen results showing journey times at road works significantly improve with Eurolight®. The hi-tech lights reduce the risk to operatives on site, remove complaints and enhance public perception”.

Daryl Cheetham
Executive Director at GTM

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