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Smart Tracker

Track the location, battery voltage and monitor signal status through our Smart Tracker System.

Available with contract hire only

Smart Tracker Device

Key Features

  • Asset security tracking by fleet number
  • Real-time location of asset
  • GEO-fencing facility
  • Anti-theft alarm facility
  • Battery voltage display
  • Enables you to plan your battery exchanges
  • Alarm for voltage drop
  • Battery theft alarm
  • LED status monitor
  • Enables you to login, status light indicates if signals are on RED or GREEN
  • Never get called to a false alarm again
  • Available with long term contract hire
  • Requires subscription

What Our Customers Say About Smart Tracker

“Introducing Smart Tracker has been a huge advantage for us. We now have live data on the status of all our signals and we can even see if they have been tampered with or moved – all without having to visit site. The time and cost savings on call-outs will be significant, not to mention the reduction in our environmental impact."

Dave Oswald
Managing director, CTM

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