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Urban64® Traffic & Pedestrian

The SRL Urban64 system is the first, and only, permanent technology system to be designed uniquely for
temporary installations in the U.K.

The Urban64 design allows for simple and quick over-head installation, with the ability to replicate the technology provided by the preceding permanent system, and therefore maintaining traffic flow efficiency. SRL’s team support schemes from the initial concept to the scheme end. From offering bespoke layout designs to suit the temporary works, full installation, maintenance, 24/7 call out, decommissioning, inspections, and site visits. 



Indicative<br>Filter PhrasesIndicative<br>Filter Phrases

Filter Phrases

4 Streams Per<br>Controller4 Streams Per<br>Controller

4 Streams Per

Programmable<br>Timer of Max SetsProgrammable<br>Timer of Max Sets

Timer of Max Sets

CLF PlansCLF Plans

CLF Plans



Minimum 6.5m above<br>the carriagewayMinimum 6.5m above<br>the carriageway

Minimum 6.5m above
the carriageway

Walk with Traffic PedestrianWalk with Traffic Pedestrian

Walk with Traffic Pedestrian

Up to<br>64 SignalsUp to<br>64 Signals

Up to
64 Signals







  • UTC - Local Authority control via a Chameleon OTU (4G or fibre)
  • MOVA – using over-head video detection cameras for virtual loops
  • Remote monitoring and control via a 4G router in every controller
  • Remote CCTV and recording via 4G router
  • Walk-with-traffic pedestrian phases
  • Phase delays
  • Programmable Timetable – for changeable timings for AM Peak, PM Peak, Off-Peak, etc.
  • Up to 64 signals or phases
  • 4 streams per controller
  • DD CLF Plans or VA
  • TrafiCam video detection or basic MVD
  • Indicative filter phases – 4-in-line or 5-in-line signals possible
  • Illuminated Box Signs
  • Cyclist Phases – low-level cycle signals and cycle signal masks
  • Hurry Call’s
  • 24/7 Call Out and technical support
  • Potential reduction in timescale compared to Poles-In-Barrels;
  • No cabling through ducting, all over-head
  • No maintenance of the existing permanent signals whilst under refurbishment. All permanent infrastructure (cables, poles, signals, loops) can be removed within days
  • No working around live cabling at low-level
  • Replication of the Method of Control of the permanent signals, or a more suitable bespoke layout
  • Secure 48v cabling and data cabling (no batteries)
  • Ability to adjust layouts within a short time as schemes change throughout their Phases
  • Day and night installation 24/7
  • 6-12 operative team per site for efficient installation. Trucks, MEWP, telehandler, welfare unit included.
  • Two cable technology (48elv and 4-core data) from the controller, in a ‘daisy-chain’ link
  • 700kg, 800x800mm bespoke concrete block bases are the foundation for 7m poles (larger bases also available)
  • Cabling is at least 6.5m above the carriageway
  • 48elv is reduced to 12v from a converter on most poles to every signal/detector
  • No exposed cables below 2.5m height
  • Signals/blocks are transferred from the “build area” to each location using our telehandler
  • Our MEWP is used to connect the cabling from signal to signal at 7m height in a plug-and-play format and installed to a pre-determined layout
  • 4 dedicated Urban64 depots located throughout England, with localised support from the remaining 29 SRL depots U.K. wide
  • Self sufficient teams, from design, meetings and presentations, controller configurations, installations and ongoing maintenance.
  • We have the knowledge and experience to help customers from start to finish. Whether the customer is TM, civils, or local authority, it is our job to find the best TL solution and interact with all parties
  • 24/7 emergency call out
  • Periodic site inspections
  • Direct technical support – we are able to remotely access our controller display and CCTV on every site via a 4G router with SIM on a smartphone or computer

Typical Site Plan for Hull Site

New Town Row, Birmingham

Roger Millward Way, Hull

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