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Our fleet of mobile variable message signs (VMS) combine the latest communication technology with the highest manufacturing standards for outstanding operational reliability.

Featuring the highest resolution available in the UK and RoI, as well as matrix display, individual lenses and full colour LED technology, you can rely on our VMS to communicate clearly and instantly.

SRL’s VMS are used on roads, at busy commercial hubs, on construction sites and at events up and down the UK. Helping to:

  • improve safety
  • reduce maintenance costs and time
  • enhance efficiency
  • direct people & traffic
  • provide cruicial information
  • advertise and display branding


  • High impact: the highest resolution full colour mobile VMS on the market with matrix display (80 x 48 pixels and 8 lines of text) and patented colour mixing lens, which ensures clarity of message even at wide viewing angles.
  • Superior energy efficiency: ultra-low energy, SRL VMS can be solar powered even during winter months (battery functionality also available) and are independently certified as offering energy-efficiency in excess of required standards (TOPAS).
  • Operational reliability: our young fleet of VMS have a design life of more than 15 years with minimum downtime while low driving current of LEDs ensures no age-related degradation.
  • Product quality: manufactured in the UK by SWARCO, ours is the only VMS to be designed specifically for the UK and RoI, meeting and exceeding all relevant requirements.


Traffic Management

Traffic Management



Seaports & Airports

Seaports & Airports

Local Authorities

Local Authorities

Which VMS?

We are proud that all of our market-leading VMS are engineered by the global traffic technology leaders, Swarco.

Setting the standard for
Variable Message Signs



“SRL’s VMS signage has been great for us, it provides advance warning to motorists and pedestrians at our Urban64 project of upcoming works which helps ease traffic flow and has a real impact on the roads. We work well together on these schemes and SRL is very professional in supporting our needs and requirements.”

Rob Thorpe, Director, Priority Traffic Management

“A stand out project for me was the support SRL gave us during the NFL (National Football League) London Games at Wembley. Over 84,000 people packed into Wembley for this exciting weekend of sport and SRL’s support with the delivery, placement and risk assessment of VMS was crucial for us to provide a safe, informative event for visitors. Quick and easy to install, SRL’s VMS offered us a robust solution with the choice and flexibility of using any colour in the spectrum, which is great for events."

Keith Holland, TGL Group


Our VMS fleet is supported by our nationwide network of 31 depots and round the clock support, 365 days a year, and our friendly knowledgeable VMS team are always happy to help – whatever you need, wherever you are.


VMS or Variable Message Signs are dynamic LED signs which are used to inform road users and pedestrians of pertinent safety or instructional information. VMS can be used to display both text and/or images.
Sometimes referred to as smart signs or even Dynamic Messaging Signs, VMS are an integral part of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Typically, signs are used to inform road users about changing road conditions, but they can also be used in events management, utilities, sea and airports – anywhere the visual communication of information is required.
VMS are available in a range of sizes depending on how far away the viewer needs to be able to read the information displayed.

VMS are controlled via a radio signal or local network link, which is connected to a manned control centre. However, advanced VMS also allow updating by the end user via an app, improving accessibility and allowing for even faster adaption to different locations and uses. Due to the nature of the connection, messages changes are practically instantaneous, allowing for real-time updates – crucial in multiple situations (e.g. speed restrictions, accident warnings, car park updates etc.)

With modern Variable Message Signs, LED displays are the standard. The most advanced current signs allow full matrix colour displays, which, combined with smaller LED sizes, has improved the utility of VMS to include coloured text and high quality graphical

The adaptable nature of Variable Message Signs means that they are used across many differing industries. From directions, to car parking, to maintenance, roadworking and access, there are many obvious uses for standard VMS. But, when you include the full colour, graphical capabilities of SRL's VMS, you open up a whole new raft of opportunities to communicate to your visitors and promote your brand.

The list is almost endless, but some of the key sectors that benefit from the use of VMS are:

  • Traffic Management
  • Construction
  • Exhibitions
  • Seaports
  • Airports
  • Local Authorities
  • Museums
  • Event Halls
  • Utility Companies
  • Quarries
  • Government Agencies
  • Sporting Events

To find out more about VMS and how they can help you get your message across, wherever you need, just get in touch with our friendly team.