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Driving more success with Priority TM Ltd

Driving more success with Priority TM Ltd


Priority TM Ltd (‘Priority’) is one of the south east’s leading traffic management companies, supplying quality temporary traffic management solutions for every aspect of the highways construction industry, 24 hours a day/365 days a year.

Specialising in scheme planning and design, Priority delivers a comprehensive package, which includes temporary traffic lights, urban traffic management, stop and go boards, traffic management vehicles, special text signage and VMS boards.

Priority began working with SRL back in 2006, originally buying all its temporary traffic lights from the business. However, when the opportunity arose to begin hiring equipment, Priority made the decision to cease buying equipment and opt for a more simple lease arrangement instead.

Duncan Crome, managing director at Priority TM Ltd, explains: “We’ve worked with SRL for 15 years now and our relationship has gone from strength to strength because they are responsive and reliable. As we became increasingly busy with more time-sensitive demands from customers, it made sense commercially for us to begin hiring from SRL. It meant that we could benefit from high volumes of kit at short notice, without having to hold and insure stock ourselves. Hiring equipment gives us complete flexibility, with full 24-hour support if we need it.”

The decision to hire paid off and SRL now supplies a wide range of temporary traffic lights and VMS signs, as well as the Urban64® intelligent temporary system, which is used for any of the prominent London schemes that Priority is managing. The first, and only, standalone temporary traffic light solution to feature permanent technology, Urban64® can replicate preceding permanent systems to maximise the operational efficiency of a junction, making it ideal for busy roads in the capital.

Low-cost upscale

Rob Thorpe, director at Priority TM Ltd, adds: “We like working with SRL because they are extremely helpful and accommodating. The nature of our business is very fast-paced and therefore lead times are crucial. We don’t have many occasions where they’ve not been able to meet our deadlines. We have been able to upscale our business with a relatively low-cost investment because of the broad spectrum of products and services we acquire from SRL.” 

“We have a number of complex urban projects on the go at any one time and SRL works well with us to deliver a fast and reliable service. On pedestrian traffic light installations, for instance, SRL supports us by visiting the site and installing and maintaining the lights, while we look after the traffic management and signage – it’s a partnership that works extremely well.”

Priority aims to deliver a seamless service for customers by choosing the best equipment available. “We operate in busy and often challenging environments and we need equipment that’s robust and not prone to breakdowns, Duncan adds. “SRL’s equipment is durable and hardwearing and it can be moved around easily without issues, which is important when you have as much kit out on the road as us.”

Rapid and responsive service

SRL’s ability to respond quickly to Priority’s requests and provide high service levels has been instrumental to this long-standing relationship and this is particularly evident where VMS signage is concerned, as Duncan explains: “We can’t underestimate the importance of service and this is where SRL really shines – especially in the supply of its VMS products. Yes, we may be able to hire a cheaper product, but the service we get from SRL far outweighs any cost savings that we could achieve by sourcing from elsewhere.

“We know that we can go to SRL with any requests – often at very short notice – and they will satisfy them efficiently and in a timely manner. The team works together and deals with everything for us, so we don’t have to worry – being able to trust and rely on them as a supplier is a huge part of our relationship.”

Supporting gas replacement projects is a significant proportion of Priority’s business and SRL has worked in collaboration with the firm on a number of large diameter gas replacement schemes in London and surrounding suburbs.

Rob describes their approach: “We work on many high profile, highly trafficked streets in London and we need to factor in the needs of many people, such as motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, who rely on the road network. To help them safely negotiate roads, we use a combination of Urban64® traffic lights and VMS. 

“SRL’s Urban64® enables us to replicate the major junctions and lessen the impact on traffic flows in a manner that would be impossible with standard temporary traffic lights, whilst the VMS signage provides advance warning on the gas replacement works ahead that will have an impact on the roads. We work well together on these schemes and SRL is professional in supporting our needs and requirements.”

Support through Covid and beyond

SRL has been a dependable partner for Priority, helping the firm to deal with the challenges of Covid-19. “The pandemic has caused some disruption, but contrary to what you might think, we have been busier than usual,” says Duncan. “With less people using public transport because of the risk of transmitting the virus, more people have been travelling alone in cars and this has put more pressure on the roads. SRL has met any fluctuating demands and done everything we’ve needed to mitigate this.

“We are very satisfied with the service we receive from SRL and the relationship we have with the team. We know that we can call on them if we have any requests and they will be looked after quickly.”

Offering a reliable service and a flexible approach, SRL is ready to support Priority TM Ltd and help it achieve further growth in the future.

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