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Many traffic management companies run fleets traffic signals from a handful to hundreds or even thousands, often spread out on different sites all over towns, counties or the whole country.

So, without physically checking on every signal, how do you remotely:

check battery charge levels?

monitor your fleet’s exact location?

check system functionality?

The answer is simple: SRL Telematics

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What can SRL Telematics do for traffic management companies?

Resource planning

SRL Telematics allows you to understand at the click of a button the charge status of every signal in your fleet, thereby helping you schedule battery changes as and when you need them. This helps cut down on needless travelling, and the associated time, manpower and fuel costs.



Instantly receive alerts when signals move out of set zone and track their movements in real time, keeping you on top of any unwanted interference with the smooth running of your lights.


Customer service

Keep on top of any issues with your signals through automatic functionality alerts. Using SRL Telematics, you don’t have to wait until a disgruntled member of the public lets you know of any issue, you can nip problems in the bud and keep traffic flowing. This will keep your end customers onside as a proactive and efficient supplier.

What are SRL Telematics?

SRL Telematics is the technology of sending, receiving, and storing information using telecoms devices to control remote objects. Essentially, telematics allows you to track the location, battery voltage and signal status of your SRL products remotely and easily. And there’s more.

How does it work?

Simply log-in via your secure web-portal, available 24/7/365 for Mobile, Tablet, Laptop & Desktop.


Use the live interactive map to show location and status of your whole fleet, from individual signals to grouped units.


Easily access and monitor assets, as well as set zones, download diagnostic data and view GPS history.

Key Features

  • Real-time Info – SRL Telematics provide real-time information about the location and functionality of your fleet. The system updates every ten minutes, but you can also trigger live commands for an immediate update.

  • Planning – Set battery level reminders to help you plan battery exchanges, have complete peace of mind, and deliver a consistent service guarantee for clients

  • Battery alerts - Alerts can be sent to any given person, by SMS or email – and at various triggers, you can set what works best for you.

  • Geofencing security – Set geofencing to help you monitor your fleet’s location – this can be used to see what units are stored at which depots, and alerts can be triggered for equipment moved outside of pre-determined areas

  • System functionality – Check status immediately; the display will even show how lights are cycling, i.e., if they’re on red or green lights, so you can confirm they’re working, without needing to send a man to site – saving time and money.

  • GPS Location tracking – in the event of theft, see exactly where your signals are right away.

  • Grouping – Group specific units easily by adding hashtags and labels to the systems. You can also interact with the map to see the other signals on a specific site.

  • Speed tracking – Use Telematics to check the speed at which signals are being moved. Can help monitor driving behaviours and safe team driving.

  • Power –Telematics use minimal battery life and won’t deteriorate the overall charge of your signal. They are charged by the power going into the signal and have no additional batteries to change.

  • Data Access – Data doesn’t expire so you can pull data from months gone by – however long you’ve had Telematics installed.

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What Our Customers Say About SRL Telematics

“Introducing SRL Telematics has been a huge advantage for us. We now have live data on the status of all our signals and we can even see if they have been tampered with or moved – all without having to visit site. The time and cost savings on call-outs will be significant, not to mention the reduction in our environmental impact."

Dave Oswald
Managing director, CTM

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