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Offering a Range of Temporary Traffic Signals and Pedestrian Systems

Temporary traffic lights are designed to look more permanent than the portable traffic light equivalent. With temporary traffic lights from SRL, you can use them for short term traffic management where more impact is needed or as a longer term solution.

SRL Solarlight


The introduction of solar-powered temporary traffic signals is truly a gamechanger for our customers. The dual-aspect solar panels provide a ‘fit and forget’ solution; a run time of up to 365 days a year vs the typical weekly battery exchanges. This delivers a vast reduction in carbon emissions and an improvement in overall running cost. 

A much bigger and heavier solution than SRL’s portable signals, SRL Solarlight Signals are designed for long-term use, where their position is fixed and are also UTMC and Multiphase ADS compatible. 

SRL Solarlight Signals also feature four new stability legs for enhanced firmness on a range of terrains and are compliant with TSRDG Diagram 3000.

What you need to know

  • Compatible with our pedestrian, Radiolight and Eurolight (inc. Multiphase ADS) signals.
  • SRL Solar PLUS® can be retrofit onto existing kit.
  • SRL Solar PLUS® is available to hire, only.
  • Battery exchanges for solar signals are triggered by alerts from our telematics system.
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SRL Solarlight

Pedestrian Temporary

Key Features

  • Can be used at junctions or as stand-alone
  • Replicates the appearance of permanent signals for a more commanding semi-permanent appearance
  • Traffic and Pedestrian signals can be on the same post
  • Both the Traffic and Pedestrian signals are the same height as permanents
  • Tailor-made and assembled on site by SRL technicians
  • Up to 24 signals or five phases
  • 12v batteries capable of providing up to 14 days running time
  • Backing boards can be fitted on request
Pedestrian Temporary
Pedestrian Temporary - Stand-Alone
Pedestrian Temporary - Stand-Alone
Pedestrian Temporary - Stand-Alone
Pedestrian Temporary - Stand-Alone
Pedestrian Temporary - Stand-Alone
Pedestrian Temporary - Stand-Alone
Pedestrian Temporary - Junction
Pedestrian Temporary - Junction
Pedestrian Temporary - Junction
Pedestrian Temporary - Junction
Pedestrian Temporary - Junction
Pedestrian Temporary - Junction

Temporary CCTV

Available for short or long-term hire, our portable CCTV cameras are ideal for temporary CCTV installations in a wide range of applications. Operated remotely via web based or mobile based platforms, our CCTV are often deployed at events to support queue management, festivals to improve security, and on construction sites to improve safety. They’re a great way of keeping people and assets safe and deterring vandalism. SRL’s 360° CCTV camera also includes padlock covers and GPS tracking.

Useful Features

Providing quality visuals even in challenging lighting, SRL’s panoramic CCTV cameras give you wide-area coverage with just one camera, making them a cost-effective choice. They can be used to monitor activities, deter vandalism, detect incidents, track the flow of people, and improve area management.

  • Rapidly deployable
  • 30-day continuous recording
  • 3.5m retractable mast
  • 12 MP dome with 360° panoramic view in all light conditions
  • SRL Solar Plus® improves system battery life.
  • SRL Telematics provides battery status and location (subscription required).
  • 4G connectivity using multi network roaming SIM (EE, 3, O2 & VODA). 
  • Scalable solution enabling multiple portable cameras to be viewed on the same system
  • 2TB industrial grade SSD hard drive
  • IK10 rating for protection against vandalism

Key Uses

  • Events
  • Site Security
  • Personnel Security
  • Road Closure Points
  • Traffic Monitoring

Secure Remote Access

  • Access SRL portable cameras in remote locations via smartphone or PC using 4G connectivity
  • Secure communication using multiple levels of authentication to establish encrypted communication between a client and the cameras

Health Monitoring

  • Health Monitoring continuously relays system status information to SRL’s technical team, ensuring your system always runs at optimum efficiency

Guard Suit Analytics

  • Enhance security on your premises or site
  • Improve responsiveness with motion, intrusion and loitering detection functionality
  • Intelligent algorithms and filters help reduce false alarms

Zipstream Technology

  • Reduced bandwidth and storage without compromising on detail

Unrivalled UK Coverage & 24/7 Support

With the UK and Ireland’s largest network of 30 depots for fast delivery and support.

Conforms to:

EN55032:2012+AC:2013 Class A, EN55024:2010+A1:2015, EN61000-6-1:2007, EN61000-6-2:2005, EN50121-4:2015, EN60950-22:2017, EN62368-1:2014+AC:2017, EN50581:2012

Temporary CCTV

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