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Offering onsite CCTV

SRL CCTV is an ideal product for on-site security, keeping track of road closure points, monitoring traffic flow, or for use at any kind of event from demonstrations to festivals.

Our systems feature continuous recording from four on-board infra-red cameras on to a 1tb hard-drive with a split-screen display. These portable CCTV units are easily deployable, lightweight and battery powered. They are the perfect addition to any SRL traffic light system.

Portable CCTV

Key features:

  • Portable or Temporary units
  • Rapidly deployable
  • Camera with 360 degree coverage
  • 2.3m operating height
  • 1tb hard-drive
  • 5 day continuous recording
  • Powered by SRL31 12v batteries
  • Secured by claw lock with internal lock on hard-drive
  • Ideal for events, on-site / personnel security and road closure points
  • Remote viewing via PC or via mobile phone data network
  • Tracker fitted

The SRL CCTV units adhere to the following approvals:

  • Highways agency approval TR 2502 (Equivalent)
  • Highways agency approval TR 2503
  • Highways agency approval TR 2504
  • Highways agency approval TR 2537
  • Highways agency approval TR 2538
Portable CCTV

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