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Malcolm Law

Shining the spotlight on Malcolm Law

“I’ve had a variety of customer-facing jobs and I’m at home with technology, so this role was ideal for me”

As a father of eight children, Malcolm Law is certainly used to a busy lifestyle. So, when he decided to find a new role after being a full-time Dad, the job as an operative at SRL suited him to a tee.

Malcolm’s previous experience as an assistant manager with flooring company Marlings Ltd, and a crew trainer at McDonalds was impressive and he hit the ground running as an operative at our D7 depot in Bristol.

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Malcolm Law

Shining the spotlight on Malcolm Law

As a father of eight children, Malcolm Law is certainly used to a busy lifestyle. So, when he decided to find a new role after being a full-time Dad, the job as an operative at SRL suit...

Jon Carlisle

Shining the spotlight on Jon Carlisle

Jon Carlisle has a unique perspective on traffic management – as a former London black cab driver, he’s spent more hours than he cares to remember sat in tailbacks on conges...

Joe McWilliams

Shining the spotlight on Joe McWilliams

Commitment is definitely a word that’s in our D20 supervisor Joe McWilliams’ vocabulary. Since joining us five years ago as an operative in our Belfast depot at just 22, he ...

Dilan Rees

Shining the spotlight on Dilan Rees

12 months ago Dilan Rees could never have imagined that he would soon be the youngest supervisor on the SRL team, but that is exactly what the 22-year old from South Wales has gone on t...

Ryan Pearce

Shining the spotlight on Ryan Pearce

There’s a saying that some people ‘work to live’ while others ‘live to work’ and the latter is certainly true for our D3 supervisor Ryan Pearce. You’...

Debora McKay

Shining the spotlight on Debora McKay

They say that variety is the spice of life and this is certainly true for Debora McKay in her role as regional coordinator. Based at our D4 Birmingham depot, Debora (or Debs as we all k...

Matt Hunns

Shining the spotlight on Matt Hunns

If nine years ago you’d have told Matt Hunns that he would one day become a training manager at SRL, he probably wouldn’t have believed you. However, such was Matt’s p...

Paul Hamilton

Shining the spotlight on Paul Hamilton

Hard work has never fazed Paul Hamilton, our regional manager of the South & Midlands – his strong work ethic must come from his former profession as a brick layer. Paul work...

Nathan Chalder

Shining the spotlight on Nathan Chalder

To say that our VMS and products manager Nathan Chalder wears many hats would be an understatement. Nathan knows our range of products inside out and his skills in operations, logistics...

Claire Ingham

Shining the spotlight on Claire Ingham

Claire joined SRL in February 2020 from The Hut Group and, although she has not been with us that long, she has already made a big impact within the business....

Stephen Daly

Shining the spotlight on Stephen Daly

Stephen Daly has always had a ‘can do’ attitude and his hands-on approach to his role at SRL is the reason why he has enjoyed a long and successful career with us....

Vicki Jagger

Shining the spotlight on Vicki Jagger

Meet Vicki Jagger, our business analyst and support manager and resident IT guru. Vicki originally joined SRL in January 2012 to cover maternity leave, but, as you can see, she’s ...

James Smart

Shining the spotlight on James Smart

How James Smart came to join SRL is pure coincidence. He was repairing devices in a computer store when Peter Almond, MD of SRL’s manufacturing division, visited to have his phone...

Tracy Sezol

Shining the spotlight on Tracy Sezol

You could say that Tracy Sezol has had a varied career – she’s worked in the care sector, the building and maintenance industry, a call centre and for the Ambulance Service ...