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Our History is theFoundation of Our Success

SRL Traffic Systems Limited has the UK’s largest fleet of portable and temporary traffic signals, providing equipment as an essential service across the country in a market with limited cyclicality, underpinned by regulatory and safety requirements and multifaceted growth drivers.

SRL business today consists of four divisions:

Equipment Hire - Rental of temporary traffic signals on ad-hoc or contract term. Our specialist hire fleet consists of over 10,000 signals, 1,700 pedestrian posts, 850 trailers, 500 temporary signals and 160 rapid responses, with the fleet growing on a daily basis.

Manufacturing / Technical - Sale of temporary traffic signals and parts. This division now has the capacity to manufacture over 4,000 signals and supporting products per annum.

Urban64 - Rental of intelligent temporary traffic signals. This division can now deliver large scale and complex solutions to 50 live sites.

Intelligent Transport Systems - Rental and sale of VMS, CCTV, security barriers and other products. This division is growing rapidly with over 450 VMS, nearly 100 CCTV, a plethora of Instaboom & Instaboom LITE, and related products available.

SRL’s management and operation teams adopt a very hands-on approach to running the business. Their passion and commitment to the traffic management industry, has made SRL what it today, with over 200 employees, 150 specialist vehicles, operating from 30 strategic depots (Hire, ITS, U64) to ensure close proximity to major customers, future-proofed technology and significant investment in quality, reliable and easy to use products coupled with outstanding customer service. SRL has been instrumental in shaping the portable traffic signal market in the UK.

SRL History

1997 - SRL was formed in 1997 after the founders identified a clear gap in the market for a temporary traffic signal product that did not rely on a back-up power generator or require cabling.

1997 to 1999 - After two years, SRL founders achieved Highways “type approval” for 2-way traffic lights, following European Court case rulings. SRL start manufacturing 2-way lights for sale.

2003 - Highways “type approval” for multi-phase lights was achieved.

2004 - Traffic Management Act 2004 established the growth of the traffic management companies operating under a structured regulatory and compliance regime, ensuring safety when working on the roads and highways.

2007 to 2009 - After a further two year consultation period and another European Court case, in 2009, Highways “type approval” for temporary pedestrian systems was achieved.

2010 - SRL started its own hire division to offer quality equipment and support as a service to the growing traffic management companies. Providing a cost-effective and proven system with rapid support and 24/7 service not available from traditional plant hirers. The hire division has become a true specialist offering in house manufactured and supported products, from 28 depots, a vast range of specialist delivery vehicles, and a true 24/7, 365 days a year hire/service and maintenance operation. With over 10,000 items for hire, 25,000 batteries and a gross fleet value exceeding £50m (and growing) SRL will continue to support the traffic management industry for many years to come.

2015 to 2016 - The Urban64 and UTMC division was formed, providing a semi-permanent traffic and pedestrian system that can replicate any permanent systems on the road today, with full UTMC connectivity.

2018 - The Intelligent Transport Systems Division was formed, technical teams expand and an exclusive partnership entered into with SWARCO in the UK and ROI, re VMS products. This division is set for further expansion and diversification of its offering.

2019 - The existing and long-standing executive team undertake a Management Buy Out supported by LDC and Crescent Capital.

2021 - SRL unveiled its new Technical and Innovation Centre, underlining our commitment to accelerate change by developing next generation technologies that will make a difference to the future of temporary traffic light management. SRL's unwaivering commitment to service was reinforced by the arrival of the Central Hire Desk; a customer-centric team focussed on delivering for our re-hire partners. A new head office facility also opened in Cheshire. 

2021 - In response to customer needs, SRL entered into partnership with Solar Gates to distribute their Instaboom security barrier, the UK's first solar/hybrid instant deployment workzone protection barrier.

2021 - 3i Infrastructure plc invests in SRL Traffic Systems to facilitate its next phase of growth.

Final thoughts

SRL journey continues to expand its products offering and depot networks in a sector with a broad range of positive underlying market dynamics and will continue to grow its business supporting the needs of a growing and varied traffic management, utility, construction, plant hire and contractor customer base across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

What makes us proud

We are the first manufacturer to:

  • Achieve Radio Link Multiphase ‘type approval’ from Highways Agency
  • Achieve Portable Pedestrian ‘type approval’ from the Highways Agency
  • Achieve Temporary Pedestrian ‘type approval’ from Highways Agency
  • CE-mark all systems
  • Galvanise battery boxes and signal posts
  • Produce “Compact 4-way” traffic systems
  • Offer “Double head” capability
  • Offer Remote Control technology on traffic systems
  • Develop Detector “Nudge” as an option
  • Offer 24/7 system tracking and monitoring
  • Offer detachable signal posts

And the only manufacturer:

  • To guarantee 500m operating distance between signals
  • To hire equipment to the Traffic Management industry
  • To open a unique nationwide depot network
  • To offer a 4-year warranty as standard
  • To offer 24/7 equipment support