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Offering onsite UTMC

The SRL Portable Urban Traffic Management & Control (UTMC) Device allows Local Authorities to Remotely Control systems from the In-Station. This allows the Local Authority to control the Stage Movements of a Portable Installation within a network of nearby Permanent Systems for coordination.

In addition to controlling the System, the UTMC Device enables an immediate alert to be sent to the In-Station in the event of an interruption. The Chameleon OTU (Out-Station Transmission Unit) is an established product in the market, used commonly by Local Authorities throughout the U.K. SRL can offer a team of experienced UTMC Commissioning Engineers to setup the system on site on the TM providers behalf. We can liaise directly with the Local Authority to configure the System, complete a Site Acceptance Test (SAT), and offer 24/7 Technical Support.

Portable UTMC

Key Features

  • Control and Monitoring System for the Local Authority
  • Compatible with all UG405 instations
  • Chameleon OTU Device
  • #DSL fixed line - 3G/4G Router Communication
  • UTMC29/UTMC Type 2 (UG405) Compliant
  • Pre-set generic bit pattern for straight forward database configuration
  • Two pre-configured fault outputs DF (Battery fault) and CF (Controller fault)
  • Dedicated UTMC on-site commissioning engineers
  • Schedules, Timetables and CLF Plans can be loaded for Offline/Local Fix-Time Plan Control
  • Real Time Clock Synchronised by In-Station or NTP Server
  • SRL Portable Urban Traffic Management and Control System:
    • Timing increments in 1s intervals
    • Minimum Green 7s
    • Minimum Intergreen 6s
    • Configurable UTMC Demand Dependant Phases/Stages
    • 7 Real independent Phase/Stage and All Red Stage Confirm
    • Multiple number of Signals per Phase
  • Communication options available
    • #DSL fixed line
    • Direct Ethernet
    • Point to point Ethernet
    • Now Wireless
    • 3G/4G
    • (more options available on request)

The SRL UTMC units adhere to the following approvals:

  • Highways agency approval TR 2502 (Equivalent)
  • Highways agency approval TR 2503
  • Highways agency approval TR 2504
  • Highways agency approval TR 2537
  • Highways agency approval TR 2538
Portable UTMC