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SRL's Portable UTMC

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Stay connected, stay in control with SRL's portable UTMC.

The SRL Portable Urban Traffic Management & Control (UTMC) device allows Local Authorities to remotely control temporary systems from the In-Station. With UTMC, you can control stage movements of portable signals within a network of nearby permanent systems, allowing coordination of movement and integrating any street works into the wider city system seamlessly.

In addition to controlling the System, the UTMC Device enables an immediate alert to be sent to the In-Station in the event of an interruption. The Chameleon OTU (Out-Station Transmission Unit) is an established product in the market, used commonly by Local Authorities throughout the U.K. SRL can offer a team of experienced UTMC Commissioning Engineers to setup the system on site on the TM providers behalf. We can liaise directly with the Local Authority to configure the System, complete a Site Acceptance Test (SAT), and offer 24/7 Technical Support.

Portable UTMC

Key Features

  • Control and Monitoring System for the Local Authority
  • Compatible with all UG405 instations
  • Chameleon OTU Device
  • #DSL fixed line - 3G/4G Router Communication
  • UTMC29/UTMC Type 2 (UG405) Compliant
  • Pre-set generic bit pattern for straight forward database configuration
  • Two pre-configured fault outputs DF (Battery fault) and CF (Controller fault)
  • Dedicated UTMC on-site commissioning engineers
  • Schedules, Timetables and CLF Plans can be loaded for Offline/Local Fix-Time Plan Control
  • Real Time Clock Synchronised by In-Station or NTP Server

System Details

  • Timing increments in 1s intervals
  • Minimum Green 7s
  • Minimum Intergreen 6s
  • Configurable UTMC Demand Dependant Phases/Stages
  • 7 Real independent Phase/Stage and All Red Stage Confirm
  • Multiple number of Signals per Phase

Communication Options

  • #DSL fixed line
  • Direct Ethernet
  • Point to point Ethernet
  • Now Wireless
  • 3G/4G
  • More options available on request


"SRL’s UTMC system was ideal for this high-profile project to improve the capacity of this busy city centre junction in Edinburgh and improve journey times for motorists. It has synchronised perfectly with the council’s permanent UTMC to significantly minimise the impact of roadworks.”

Contracts Manager, City of Edinburgh Council

"The product has been invaluable during construction works on the Trams to Newhaven project. Having now experienced the advantages of using SRL's portable UTMC, we will be looking to specify their use in future projects to help keep everyone moving around Edinburgh."

Senior Engineer, City of Edinburgh Council

"The SRL UTMC system was a fantastic solution whilst we refurbished a set of permanent signals during the Christmas period on an arterial route into the city. The product allowed us to maintain control of the temporary signals and coordinate their operation with the surrounding permanent signals notably reducing the impact of the road works for all road users."

Supervising Officer, Aberdeen City Council