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How can we make our roads safer? The invention of the traffic light


Our daily lives begin and end with travelling from one place to another, and living in today’s urban culture where cities and towns are populated with vehicles, the need for regulation and safety is of high importance. The first traffic light was introduced in 1968 to provide an easy way to monitor road traffic and ensure safety for drivers and pedestrians.

With just three colours, the traffic light helps people coordinate with each other; it’s almost subconscious behaviour that we stop at a red traffic light, slow down on a yellow, and go on a green traffic light. Having these standard colours apply universally, makes it easier for traffic lights and communication between drivers and pedestrians.

As the number of vehicles are increasing, it’s absolutely essential to have appropriate safety measures in place such as traffic lights to manage traffic. Just one traffic light is enough to reach a fleet of vehicles and indicate whether it is safe for them to go ahead or not.

Did you know that SRL Traffic Systems Ltd are the UK’s number one supplier of portable and temporary traffic light systems to the Traffic Management Industry, and have over 3,200 traffic lights and 300 pedestrian systems within their hire fleet?

SRL offer an extensive range of high quality and unique products to ensure road safety is at its highest including Radiolight™, Pedlight™ and Urban64™ equipment. Therefore, as a purchaser or hirer of SRL traffic light equipment, you can be sure that SRL are focused on providing the best traffic light products available, together with the highest quality component traffic light parts, backed by nationwide support.

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